Broke your arm at work?

What to do if you broke your arm at work? Broken arm There are strict responsibilities on companies under the Health & Safety Acts together with other legislation to ensure that staffs have a safe system of work and that employees are appropriately trained in the tasks that they are carrying out and that they are provided with proper equipment in the course of their employment. It is important to follow these step, if you have injured yourself at work:
  • Report the accident to your supervisor
  • Have an accident report completed
  • Have a copy of the report
  • Importantly get medical attention either by your General Practitioner or in a Hospital
  • Keep detailed records of all the steps undertook by you.
Accidents in a workplace can happen on the following reasons:
  • Slips and falls
  • Falls from a height (Stairs, Ladders… etc.)
Manual handling is key to reduce the risk of injuries Compensation for an accident at work is based on:
  • the injuries suffered
  • medical costs incurred
  • any loss of earnings which may have occurred.
  • and other costs.
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