Afghanistan Refugee and Family Reunification Due to Current Crisis

Current events in Afghanistan has resulted in turmoil in the country, this has led to extreme difficulty in leaving the country. The following link provides the Irish Governments current position, this can be subject to change. Immigration notice on the humanitarian situation in Afghanistan - Immigration Service Delivery ( All Afghan asylum seekers are having their claims expedited, upon the granting of Refugee status, the recipient gains a right to apply for reunification of immediate (wife/children) family in addition to dependent family members such as parents. It is recommended that if you have concerns or wish to make such applications, you should do so without delay.

Driving Offences – Criminal Law

Driving Offences are some of the most common charges most people will face in their lives. They range from careless driving to driving without insurance. Typically these matters are dealt with at District Court level. They may result in fines and can sometimes lead to imprisonment. The facts of the case are important and offences resulting in death or serious bodily harm will of course attract harsher sentences. Penalty points or disqualification from driving for a period of time can also occur. As many people use their car for work purposes, this can be very burdensome on their lives. However, with a strong legal defence, you can potentially avoid the harshest penalties. If you are concerned about possible driving offences, or any criminal matters, please contact this office for a consultation.

Pandemic Unemployment Payment – Social Welfare

By now most people will be aware of their entitlement to the Pandemic Unemployment Payment, subject to certain criteria. The scheme was continually extended and as such people will continue to be paid. This payment is made on a weekly basis to the applicant's account if approved. However this payment is not like other benefits, unlike Jobseekers Allowance you cannot claim for dependents. It is intended to be a temporary solution to mass lay offs as a result of Covid. There is also a responsibility for those receiving the payment to notify the Department of Social Protection once they start working again. If you have accidentally received PUP while working it is important that you notify the Department. While prosecutions for fraud under this scheme have been relatively rare so far, they have certainly occurred. Man (39) charged with 20 counts of Pandemic Unemployment Payment fraud ( If you have any queries about this matter, or any Social Welfare matter, please contact this office for a consultation.

Damache Implications for Citizenship

Recently the Irish Supreme court made a ruling in the Damache case. Mr Damache was sentenced in an American court for terrorism related offences in 2018. In the same year the Minister for Justice informed Mr Damache that his Irish Citizenship would be revoked on grounds of disloyalty to the Irish State. Mr Damache appealed this decision and the case found its way to the Supreme court. In October 2020 Dunne J. handed down a ruling stating that S19 of the Irish Nationality and Citizenship Act 1956 did not meet the required grounds of natural justice due to the ramifications of having citizenship revoked. Natural justice is a judicial term used at times to invoke rights perhaps not explicitly enshrined in law or the constitution, but may be antecedent to both. Dunne J. noted that the decision maker in revoking citizenship must be impartial, a standard not presently met. The full implications of this ruling remain to be seen, however it is potentially a significant departure from the current status quo. If you feel that this issue may effect you, or if you have any concerns about citizenship or your immigration matters, then please contact our office for a consultation.