In certain circumstances, where you cannot afford legal representation you may be granted legal aid by the Court.

If you are granted legal aid you may engage a solicitor and if necessary, up to two barristers to work as your legal team.

A person may ask the Court for legal aid in person; have their legal representative do so or apply by letter to the Court Registrar.

The Court, when deciding whether to grant legal aid will look both at your financial means and whether the charge you are facing is sufficiently serious. You may be required to complete a statement of means outlining your current financial position.

If you wish to choose your own legal aid solicitor the Court may assign that solicitor if available, if not the Court will assign another solicitor.

In general legal aid for criminal matters is administered by the Department of Justice and Equality.

The Legal Aid Board also provides criminal legal aid in certain circumstances:

-Complainants in prosecutions for certain sexual offences (who can receive legal advice);

-Complainants in prosecutions relating to prior sexual history (who can receive legal representation);

-Victims of human trafficking;

James Watters Solicitors is currently a member of the Legal Aid Panel.

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