Dangerous driving has been described as driving in a manner (including speed) in which a reasonable person would conclude involved an unjustifiably definite risk of harm to the public. Dangerous driving may be taken to Court as a summary offence (no jury) or as an indictable offence (jury trial). The jury trial will normally occur where there has been death or serious injury. The penalties which may be imposed depend on, amongst other things, whether the trial was a jury or non-jury trial.

Penalties for dangerous driving include:

  • Fine of up to euro equivalent of £2,500 and/or six months imprisonment (summary offence)
  • Fine of up to euro equivalent of £15,000 and/or 10 years imprisonment (indictable offence)
  • Driving licence endorsement
  • Disqualification
  • Requirement that driver obtains a ‘certificate of competency’

If you have been accused of dangerous driving it is advisable to seek legal advise at the earliest opportunity in order to put forward a strong defence and/or minimise penalties.

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