• Criminal Law

We believe that any client accused of a crime deserves a strong and robust defence. We carry out detailed research and investigations into every possible defence for each case and represent our clients in Garda (Police) stations and the court. We deal with various offences including drugs, theft and fraud.

• Employment Law

Employment law is complicated, highly regulated and employees have many rights. This area of law is also one that changes based on daily decisions taken in the courts and tribunals that deal with employment issues. Our office deals extensively in employment law and we can assist you in the following areas:

Unfair dismissal claims
Bullying and Harassment in the workplace

    • Sexual Harassment
    • Representation before the Employment Appeals Tribunal
    • Redundancy entitlements

Advice on legal entitlements such as annual leave, sick pay, maternity rights and notice requirements

• European Law

The fundamental laws or rules of the European Union (EU) are set out in the Treaties. All treaties must be agreed and ratified by the member states. A treaty is ratified when it becomes part of the law of the member states. The most important treaty is the Treaty of Rome, which created the European Economic Community in 1957. Since the Treaty of Rome, there have been a number of treaties agreed and ratified by all the member states. If you require representation in the Courts of Laws  contact us to arrange a consultation.

• Family Law

James Watters Solicitors are a member of the Family Law District Court Legal Aid Panel. Our family law services cover a variety of areas. If your relationship breaks down it can be a stressful time for all members of a family. At James Watters Solicitors we listen to our clients and help give assistance in drafting various agreements and Court applications.

• Immigration Law

James Watters Solicitors have vast experience is all facets of immigration law. If you are applying for residency or citizenship we can help with the application process. If you have received a deportation order it may be possible to have that order revoked.
If you are a non-EU national married to an Irish Citizen or an EU National you have rights and entitlements to reside here. If you have come into the country and are seeking refugee status we can assist you, and if your application for refugee status is not favourable, we will assist you by appealing to the Refugee Appeals Tribunal. We are aware of the many difficulties that face new immigrants to this country and we have processed many successful applications on behalf of our clients.

• Legal Aid

Legal aid means representation by a solicitor or barrister in civil proceedings in the District, Circuit, High and Supreme Courts. This means that you have engaged the Board to act on your behalf in the proceedings, including sending correspondence on your behalf, drafting court documents, giving advice, representation in court and all the background preparatory work required. We at James Watters & Co, Solicitors are on the panel of the Legal aid, contact us today.

• Personal Injuries Law

In previous years, when a person received a personal injury they went to court to seek compensation. This system was changed when the government introduced the Personal Injury Assessment Board. This has now been renamed the Injuries Board in Ireland.
A lot of personal injury claims never make it to court and are settled via the Injuries Board but you must be certain that you are adequately compensated for the nature and extent of the injuries you suffered. You need to have determined whether or not you will need continued medical care, whether you’ll be able to return to work, and how you’ll be affected for the rest of your life.

• Social Welfare Law

More and more people are now dependent on social welfare to survive in the current economic climate. A lot of people go through the process of applying for social welfare payments only to be turned down. These decisions can be appealed and it is important to seek the correct legal advice and representation in this situation.