Solicitors for Social Welfare Law:

More and more people are now dependent on social welfare to survive in the current economic
climate. A lot of people go through the process of applying for social welfare payements only to be
turned down. These decisions can be appealed and it is important to seek the correct legal advice
and representation in this situation.

We can help you with your appeal to the Chief Welfare Officer and help you obtain payments and

We offer advice in relation to all types of Social Welfare decision Appeals and also Judicial Review of appeal decisions including:

  • Social Welfare Allowance
  • Child Benefit appeals
  • Lone Parent appeals
  • Unemployment Assistance appeals
  • Pension Entitlements
  • Back to Work Schemes
  • A good place to check for all your social welfare entitlements is on the Department for Social
  • Protection’s website.

If you require advice regarding a social welfare matter; contact us to arrange a consultation.

“Our team work for the best possible outcome for you; our client.”- James Watters