Unlawful arrest and detention

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If you have been unlawfully arrested, evidence obtained as a result of that arrest will be inadmissible. For example, if you were mistakenly told by a Garda that you were being arrested under the wrong section of the Road Traffic Act, the arrest and the blood sample taken would be unlawful. The blood sample would not be admissible as evidence.

Evidence obtained while you are unlawfully detained has also been unlawfully obtained and will be inadmissible. For example, if you have been in custody for longer than the maximum period allowed and you make a confession, that confession will not be admissible in evidence against you.

Evidence obtained in breach of your right to reasonable access to a lawyer is also inadmissible as evidence against you. For example, if you request a lawyer and your request is refused, any statements you make to the police will be inadmissible as evidence against you.

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