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Employment Law

Our team has the experience to provide expert advice to both employers and employees on all types of contentious and non-contentious employment issues and situations.

Personal Injuries

If you have suffered an injury and think you are entitled to compensation, you can submit a claim to Injuries Board

Immigration Law

If you are applying for residency or citizenship, we can assist with the application process. If you have received a deportation order it may be possible to have that order revoke

Social Welfare Law

The rules governing social welfare payments are set out in legislation and/or administrative guidelines. Administrative schemes are payments that are not based in legislation but are based on government decisions and administrative guidelines

Criminal Law

A crime is defined in law in Ireland as an act which may be punished by the State. The way in which a criminal offence is investigated and prosecuted depends on the type of crime involved

Family law

The anguish, hurt, worry which can be present in many family law disputes is enormous. For this reason we recognized the psychological and emotional trauma for people involved in family law conflict.


James Watters

Principal / Solicitor



Our purpose is to deliver to each to our client with advice to enhance confidence in nature of their queries. Our team uses the uppermost levels of facts and methodological skills to provide precise, consistent and timely advice across the various facet of the Law. Our team uses a problems solving attitude to provide the uppermost confidence to our client. James Watters & Co. Solicitors is founded on proven specialized skills, an in-depth understanding of client requirements, conclusion and concrete method to our client problems. We offer an extensiveness and deepness advice across every facet of the Laws, positively manage and a driven attitude to put our client first. We are a professional Solicitors Practice based in a central location within walking distance from Four Courts Dublin.

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